The Ivory Coast is renowned for its open and friendly people and ICSA strives to follow this example. The diversity of culture in Ivory Coast is truly remarkable, with over 60 indigenous ethnic groups, each with their own unique traditions. Members of all these different groups, and former residents of many neighboring countries, have made a very welcoming Abidjan their home. We hope you too will feel at home when you come to visit.

ICSA is equally diverse, with students from all corners of the globe and we strongly believe in this year’s theme for GISS: N’Zassa- together we are whole. We look at this in a number of ways- unity between peoples of different nationalities makes us stronger, unity between people who speak different languages make us stronger, and unity and equality among people of different socio-economic backgrounds make us stronger. As such, it is an honor to be able to host hundreds of international students from across Africa who are coming together to make a difference in the lives of all. We look forward to a sharing of ideas, concepts, and actions and we look forward to witnessing the long term positive impacts that come about because of this meeting of minds.

Come, share and enjoy the best of Ivorian and international hospitality and leave feeling stronger and enriched,

Seamus Hennessy