Summit Activities

What goes on during the summit?

Service Day

Participants get a chance to substantially make a difference instead of just talking about it. Groups go to several different community organizations to directly deliver service and learn from the local reality.

School Workshops

Every school brings student-led workshops to the conference. Groups of students prepare a session based on their service learning and/or global issues. They are informative, interactive and usually involve an activity at the end.

Sustainability Teams:

These inter-school teams meet a couple for times during the summit, and develop an action plan to tackle a global issue locally. Students then take the action plan back to their schools and inspire colleagues and faculty to implement the project.


Learn from people who dedicated their lives to making a positive change in their communities. Change-Makers usually work in the host country or the region.


Be inspired by renowned speakers who have invested their talents into Global Issues: environment, social issues, economics, and education.

Open Doors Awards

Excellent students from public schools in the host country are awarded scholarships to fully participate in the summit. Due to their community engagement, these youngsters are potential change makers of tomorrow.