Program of Events

Thursday 23rd April / Day 1

7h30        Arrival at Joaquim Chissano Centre (Entrance/Lobby)

8h30        Opening ceremony (Plenary)

9h30        Keynote speaker – Sister Fa (Plenary)

10h30      BREAK

11h00      First Sustainability teams explain (Lobby)

11h30      Sustainability teams session I (Rooms)

12h30      LUNCH

13h30      School Workshops session I (Rooms)

14h30      School Workshops session II (Rooms)

15h30      BREAK

16h00      Keynote speaker – Amyr Klink (Plenary)

17h00      Return to AISM campus (Entrance)

17h30      Film and Burritos (AISM – Deck and Auditorium)

19h00      Students return to host families (AISM – Lobby)


Friday 24th April / Day 2

7h30        Arrival at Joaquim Chissano Centre (Entrance/Lobby)

8h00        Sustainability teams session II (Rooms)

8h30        Change Makers session I (Rooms)

9h30        Change Makers session II (Rooms)

10h30       BREAK

11h00      Keynote speakers – Thato Kgatlhanye (Plenary)

11h30      Keynote speakers – Tom Osborn (Plenary)

12h00      Simulation activity (Plenary)

13h00      LUNCH

14h00      Individual school meetings (all around)

15h00      Keynote speaker – Martha Chumo (Plenary)

15h30      Keynote speaker – Alexia Vieira (Plenary)

16h00      Change Makers session III – Panel of Visions (Rooms)

17h00      BREAK

17h30      Return to AISM campus (Entrance)

18h00      Students’ DINNER (AISM – Deck)

18h00      Advisor’s Social (Maritimo Club)

20h00      GISS Dance (AISM – Auditorium)

23h00      Students return to host families (AISM – Lobby)


Saturday 25th April / Day 3

7h30        Arrival at AISM (AISM – Lobby)

8h00        Students leave for Service learning projects (AISM – Lobby)

13h00      LUNCH and Craft Fair (FEIMA Park)

15h00      Sustainability team session III (AISM – Rooms)

16h00      Sustainability team project fair (AISM – Hard Court or Deck)

17h00      BREAK

17h30      Closing ceremony (AISM – Auditorium)

19h00     Students return to host families (AISM – Lobby)