Sister Fa

The Beginnings

Sister Fa was born 1982 in Dakar, Senegal. Sister Fa takes her first steps in rap music in 2000. Recording her first demo-tape, she gets to know the Senegalese rap community and participates in first festivals. One year later at the age of nineteen she is invited for the first time to perform at the Senegalese HipHop Awardswhere the best Hip-Hop singers are decorated. At the beginning of 2002 the French producer Philipp Mogan makes a film-documentary on Sister Fa, in which she is introducing to the Senegalese rap scene. She is invited to participate in a music-compilation called Art City with French and Senegalese rappers that is produced with the help of ENDA Tiers Monde. In the same year she represents the Senegal at the Festival de rap feminine international in Guinea Conakry.

In 2003 she joins the label FN’F (Fight n´ Forget) where she participates on several compilations. For the second time, she is invited to the Senegalese HipHop Awards – dedicated that year to the fight against AIDS – and from which a compilation was released Tous Rappons le Sida with a contribution by Sister Fa.

With all her heart, Sister Fa stands up for the fight against female genital cutting. The wish to sensitize the population of her home country was the origin of her Education sans Excision (Education without Cutting) project. Since 2008 she tours every year very successful with her band through Senegal. In cooperation with NGO’s like Tostan, Orchid Project and World Vision she achieved beside many other things, that the inhabitants of her home village Thionck Essyl now officially abandoned this practice of cutting the young girls.

Freedom Prize
For her tireless work to better the situation of the woman and girls in her homeland Senegal, Freedom To Create awarded Sister Fa in November 2011 in Cape Town, South Africa with the main prize.