Service Learning Coordinator’s Welcome

A warm “welcome” in the official languages of South Africa; Welkom, Ngiyanemukela, Kamogelo, Mukelekile, Wamkelekile, Amukela, Amkelekile, Amogetšwe to our AISA GISS conference for 2017.

We challenge you to get to know all delegates from all over Africa and the world, have a great time, and most importantly collaborate and learn from each other.

Our Key note speakers and panellists will engage and inspire you with their personal stories based on our four pillars of Phambili: Conservation, Human Rights, Social Entrepreneurship and Animal Welfare and Wellbeing.

The service day will provide you with an insight into our service learning program at AISJ with our Diepsloot community, that gives students choice with various types of service they choose to participate in.

Thanks to our sponsors and AISA for your support of this amazing service learning conference.

We look forward to having you join our community.

Warm Regards,

Tara Barton

K-12 Service Learning Coordinator