Want to join our summit?


Welcome to our annual student-led Global Issues Service Summit (GISS) for 2017. The 9th annual conference will be held at the American International School of Johannesburg (AISJ) in South Africa. This year’s theme is Phambili: (a Zulu word when translated into English means) Moving forward to face the challenges of the future. The aim this conference is to focus on sustainable solutions for global issues. The conference will have four pillars which will essentially express Phambili. The pillars include conservation, human rights, social entrepreneurship, and animal welfare. 


The Association of International Schools in Africa (AISA) Global Issues Service Summit (GISS) motivates and encourages students to enquire about global issues and learn alongside other delegates and changemakers from across Africa. Student delegates spend time presenting, learning, sharing and discussing important issues during the summit, followed by a hands-on service learning day in the local community. GISS provides delegates with opportunities to strategize solutions to global issues, meaningful sessions and stories about positive change happening here in Africa, and the support for taking action and engagement in their own communities.

The theme Phambili aims at harnessing the strengths and inputs of these student leaders to inspire, nurture and mentor the next generation of service leaders in their respective schools and communities. We take pride in the fact that AISA GISS does not exist solely to create a platform for International School to associate with each other, but that it also serves as a vehicle for exchanging ideas on how to support each other. AISA GISS provides a platform for participants who have achieved at highest levels to support one another, exchange ideas on supporting their own and others’ societies, for students to network with other students from around the Africa, and to collaborate and build relationships.


You should be fully engaged and involved throughout the conference and ready to discuss and learn about some of the important issues facing our world today. Delegations from each school will run student workshops on projects they are involved in, and they will learn from others through Changemaker and keynote sessions. The aim of this conference is to take what you have learnt and apply it in your own community! Open up and be ready.