What are the start and end dates/times of GISS?

Arrival: 30th March (International delegates) -Teams arrive in the afternoon to go home with host families. Advisors get transportation to their hotel.

Start of the conference: 7.10am arrival at AISJ. Registration.

End of Conference is Sunday 2nd April, 2017 4pm.

Delegates and advisors are free to go and/or fly out that night, or stay with host families and fly out Monday morning -3rd April(depending on your flight availability)

What is included in the registration Fee?

Conference fee: merchandise, events, all food- snacks, lunches, dinners, transportation throughout the conference, airport pick up and drop off, Carbon Offset tax (goes towards making more trees for our reforestation project) and our Guest speakers.

What if we arrive earlier?

Feel free to stay at a hotel, these are suggested on the website.

What about a tour?

These are also listed on the website. Please contact them directly with inquiries.


Find out what you need. Links to docs on the website. We will send you the invite letter to add in your team names.

You will forward back and we will put an official stamp on it and sent it back to you via e-mail.

How to register local schools:

Register as other for the advisor, then you can enter student delegates.

Spending money? How much?

We recommend 100-200USD. This is so you can purchase items at the market day or out shopping, etc..

Host gift?

If you are lucky to be a homestay delegate (internationals), we recommend that you bring a small thank you gift/card for your host family. A small thank you goes a long way!

Why is the schedule password protected?

We do not share our full schedule publicly for safety. We will send you the password when we are closer to the conference.

How do students communicate?

We have a facebook group, you can send us your facebook details and we will add you to our group. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1841882152690167/

Once registered, our AISJ students will be in touch with delegates, about sustainability teams and our service learning Action Day(students may need specific clothing for this). Our advisors will also form a group to discuss the conference (after registration is complete).

What do we need to prepare?

Most schools present a workshop (details of this is on the website)

Not all schools are ready to present a workshop as it may be their first conference. We will post the titles/descriptions of the workshops on offer closer to the date(after registration) so you can see which ones you would like to go to.

How many delegates can we bring?

10, unless a special request is lodged with the host school(next school to host and needs to bring a leadership team). Homestay can be challenging when we have too many students for the amount of families willing to host students.

Can we attend only on the weekend?

No- it is a 3 day conference and delegates must attend all days March 31st – 2nd, April, 2017