1. Promote Self-Defense

Gender-based violence is just one reality of inequality all over the world, but how exactly can this be combatted? If you are interested in taking matters into your own hands then join us for a self-defense workshop where you can be exposed to the realities of violence and understand how you can promote safety and security in your own community. Let’s work together to promote justice because everyone has the right to protect themselves.

2. Say No to Gender-based Violence

Are you passionate about promoting equality and justice and creating a world free from gender-based violence? We invite you to join our Say No to Gender-based Violence workshop, where we are determined to challenge societal norms, dismantle gender inequality, and support victims of violence. More coming soon!

3. Building Your Brand

Unlock your full professional potential with ‘Building Your Brand: The Digital Portfolio’ workshop! As the facilitator, I am excited to guide you through a transformative experience where we delve into the art of crafting a powerful personal portfolio. Learn to strategically showcase your skills, achievements, and unique qualities to leave a lasting impression. This workshop goes beyond the basics, providing hands-on insights and personalized feedback to elevate your brand. Join me on this empowering journey to not just stand out but to authentically shine in your professional endeavors. Your brand, your story – let’s build it together.”

4. Road Map To Sustainability

Road Map To Sustainability

Unleash your potential with the ‘Roadmap to Sustainability’ (RMTS) workshop – your guide to turning community service ideas into reality. Drawing inspiration from successful initiatives at AKA Mombasa, we will showcase how to craft impactful community projects focusing on local impact. You will leave RMTS with ideas and a clear action plan to implement sustainable solutions in your community. This is more than a learning experience; it’s an opportunity to take charge in creating a lasting, positive impact on your community.

5. Breaking Taboos: Period

Breaking Taboos: Period
Our Period Poverty Workshop aims to raise awareness about individuals’ financial barriers to accessing menstrual hygiene products, particularly in Uganda. Participants will gain insights into the impact of period poverty, engage in discussions to destigmatize menstruation and explore sustainable solutions for increased accessibility. Through expert speakers and interactive sessions, the workshop aims to empower attendees to advocate for menstrual equity and contribute to the collective efforts to eradicate period poverty within their communities. 

6. Carbon Emission

The environmental impact of transport and travel. The workshop I will be hosting will focus on the impact of planes, cars, cargo boats, and other different types of vehicles that we use in our day-to-day lives that affect our planet in harmful ways, mainly around CO2 emissions, and the possible future of throwing away the types of vehicles, the after-effects of that, and the path towards using clean energy for the future vehicles. I will also be using different examples in today’s world of the use of clean energy vehicles, and I will be introducing the pros and cons of that type of change that would impact our future.

7. Self Love Workshop

The purpose of this project is to show the importance of self-love to young adults. Everyone should have a high regard for their own well-being and happiness. We want to help them acquire self-love skills for the betterment of their daily life and well-being.

8. Books 4 Better

Books 4 better. Make your own mini children’s books/poems. This activity is planned so that they can get a glimpse of what activities we do with the children

9. East African Refugees Youth Project

East African Refugees Youth Project Over 4 million of the world’s population of refugees reside in East Africa, wherein the civil unrest in the region has negatively impacted the lives of many. We have sought opportunities to connect with and support some of these refugees in Uganda through our collaboration with Jesuit Refugee Services (JRS), an NGO that establishes projects and services available to urban refugees. Our goal is to foster awareness among students about the different forms of aid they can offer to support NGOs, such as donations, as well as educational and recreational initiatives for the less fortunate.

10. Water Aid

Water aid How we can aid water pollution and finding the deep-rooted problems.

11. Help Us Help Them: Monopoly Edition!

Help Us Help Them:Monopoly Edition! A fun game of monopoly with a spin to it, with questions and facts involving humanitarian crisis, political instability and unrest in African countries as you go around the board and learn more about the problems that countries face on a regular basis along with the actions HUHT has taken to help them out. All while fostering friendly competition as to who will win first but it won´t be easy since getting jail time, and other obstacles will make winning all that more challenging. Some parts of the game will get the players to really feel what the people in countries we´ll be talking about have to go through.

12. Becoming Carbon Neutral 101

Becoming Carbon Neutral 101 Students will present a practical ‘how to’ guide for transforming schools. We can share practical tactics (and mistakes to avoid!) on our school’s journey to become more sustainable and ultimately carbon neutral. We’d like to establish links with partner schools across Africa and work together on innovative solutions to the biggest problem facing humanity.

13. How to make a DIY Thrift Store

How to make a DIY Thrift Store Our green club’s main purpose is to take steps to reduce our carbon footprint and inspire discussion within our community about the environment. We aim to CUT DOWN on our carbon footprint, COMBAT existing carbon emissions, and INFORM our community about what we can do about the climate crisis and positive steps toward change. Our main means of doing this is through creating a thrift store in our school’s community. Through recycled clothing and nick-nacks, students can buy secondhand items at a cheap price, this is significant because it discourages clothes waste and overconsumption.

14. DEIJ Task Force

DEIJ Task Force. In this workshop, we will collaboratively brainstorm strategies to enhance Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice (DEIJ) in schools, drawing inspiration from the successful initiatives of our school’s DEIJ Task Force. The task force has achieved significant milestones such as curriculum redesign, the creation of a dedicated DEIJ website, and establishing safe spaces within the school. Participants will gain practical insights and actionable steps to promote DEIJ in their individual schools and contribute to a more inclusive educational landscape across the different communities they all engage in.

15. Raising Awareness for Cancer Victims

In Uganda, many less fortunate cancer diagnosed children and adults have given up hope of receiving treatment and improving their standard of living. This is due to the high cost of treatment in Uganda, as well as the victims’ difficulty accessing treatment. Several Ugandans have lost their livelihoods and have been stigmatized as a result of the circumstances surrounding the cancer diagnosis. This initiative, in collaboration with the Eseza Foundation, aims to raise awareness about cancer victims in Uganda and work closely with Eseza to help them recover and reintegrate into their communities.

16. Afrika Tikkun English Acquisition Planning Skills

Afrika Tikkun English Acquisition Planning skills This workshop will explore the global issue of Education for All, encouraging participants to share personal experiences, beliefs, and concerns. Through creative lesson planning for kids with limited English proficiency and an interactive puzzle/mind map game, the session aims to foster teamwork, knowledge, innovation, and problem-solving skills. The ultimate goal is for the final lesson plan to create a meaningful outcome that participants can use to spread awareness and deepen their understanding of the importance of education.

17. Changing Ivory Coast One Step at a Time: Dunia Going Green

Changing Ivory Coast One Step at a Time: Dunia Going Green Our workshop aims to engage students in an educational experience on sustainability in Ivory Coast. We will provide facts and statistics on the country, and then focus on our goals at the International Community School of Abidjan. The workshop encourages the exchange of ideas and fosters the desire to make a change. We will finish it off with an interactive digital bingo, in order for students to retain information.

18. Centralized Funding for Service Initiatives

This workshop aims to share the importance of centralized funding for service initiatives. During this session, we will also seek valuable feedback on future event ideas and explore effective social media initiatives. The ICS Focus on Service group is a High School service club that actively fundraises in support of other service projects. Our primary mission is to generate financial support for various service projects in the high school so that they can focus on their service. Since 2018, we have been actively involved in providing funding for student CAS, PLEx (Personalized Learning Experiences), and service club projects.

19. Mind Matters


Do you have a safe space and the community support needed to discuss mental health? Have you ever wanted to reach out about an issue bothering you, but felt you couldn’t?
ICS’ Mind Matters, a student-led mental health service group, aims to support students in starting courageous conversations by creating a safe space for open discussion. One of the ways Mind Matters is addressing this issue is by implementing a multi-use question box called Ask-us-a-thought, where students can submit questions or raise concerns about issues in their community.
Up for a challenge? Come to our workshop and discuss various strategies and participate in activities that will ensure we all address mental health issues in our schools.
Remember; Mind Matters, You matter.

20. Focus on Service 

This workshop aims to share the importance of centralized funding for service initiatives. During this session, we will also seek valuable feedback on future event ideas and explore effective social media initiatives. The ICS Focus on Service group is a High School service club that actively fundraises in support of other service projects. Our primary mission is to generate financial support for various service projects in the high school so that they can focus on their service. Since 2018, we have been actively involved in providing funding for student CAS, PLEx (Personalized Learning Experiences), and service club projects. Our approach involves organizing enjoyable events that foster community engagement. You can find us selling delicious food at sporting events and lunches, as well as hosting exciting sports tournaments.

By attending this workshop, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of the importance of centralized funding for service initiatives. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to contribute your insights and suggestions regarding potential future events and effective social media strategies. Together, let’s make a difference and empower service groups to focus on their core mission.

Student Presentors:
Yu-fei Wang and Yanet Sisay-Tesfaye

21. Afrika Tikkun Music 

Our service partnership with Afrika Tikkun allows us to learn songs from their choir and improve our musical skills whilst helping them develop their musical literacy. The ability to read music notation will allow students from Afrika Tikkun to harness their musical abilities and pursue musical education at a higher level.

By Zara Horn

22. Neurodiversity Awareness Program (NAP) 

Our workshop will cover what Neurodiversity is and how it presents itself. It will educate on various types of Neurodivergence and how that can affect students in and outside of the classroom. The workshop will also have empathy-building activities that will help to demonstrate what it is like to be Neurodivergent in our modern society.

By Mia Spera and Donell Muyanja

23. Cycle for Smiles 

This workshop focuses on raising awareness  around a community organisation which provides support to kids and families with cleft lip and pallets. In celebration of Operation Smile’s 40th anniversary we organised an event called cycle for smiles. The event we organised was comprised of 3 parts; collecting toys, collecting hygiene products and the actual cycle/walk. We partnered with Colgate to match any oral hygiene  related donations that we received. This workshop emphasises the process of  learning how to set up an event similar to this one using design thinking principles. We will guide you through the steps of creating  your own service project.

By Cooper Dickson and Lincoln Haymore

Description: “Join us for an engaging workshop where we’ll delve into the pressing environmental issues associated with travel and transportation. From the impact of cars, planes, cargo boats, and trucks to the ongoing challenges we face, we’ll explore the intricacies of our daily journeys. Throughout the session, we’ll discuss the environmental effects leading up to these problems and present sustainable solutions, including examples like Tesla’s innovative approach, where Tesla is a Car company that makes vehicles, that do not function on fossil fuels, but on electric energy, which is through a lithium powered battery.

 During the workshop, participants will actively engage in discussions and debates, sharing their thoughts and ideas. We aim to create an interactive learning environment where everyone’s perspective is valued. Toward the end, we’ll have an exciting Kahoot and a thought-provoking game activity to reinforce key concepts. Let’s not just understand the issues but also brainstorm and discuss potential solutions. 

Together, we can explore the balance between environmental safety and the economic/material challenges that may arise from embracing new ideas. Get ready for an enlightening workshop that goes beyond just facts and figures. Join us in shaping a sustainable future through informed discussions and collaborative thinking. See you there!” Feel free to adapt this example to better align with your workshop’s specific goals and tone.

By, Ariel Ssali

24. The Spirit of Teranga 

Our grade level service trips to Lac Rose and Mar Lodj focus on immersive community engagement experiences. We collaborate closely with local communities and partner with nearby schools to contribute meaningfully. Students participate in various service activities such as environmental campaigns, infrastructure development, and cultural exchange initiatives. These trips not only provide students with opportunities for personal growth and cultural understanding but also foster long-lasting connections with the communities.

3B4t Student-Led Project: 3B4t, which stands for 3 Baobabs 4 Ubuntu, is a student-led initiative aimed at promoting cultural exchange, environmental conservation, and community development in Senegal. The project is centered around three pillars: Culture, Conservation, and Community. Through 3B4t, students engage in activities that branch out to connect with external communities, raise awareness about the significance of Senegal’s environment, and contribute to various initiatives benefiting people and communities across the region. This project empowers students to take leadership roles and make a tangible impact while fostering a sense of global citizenship and responsibility.

By; Nasser Nasser, Aryaman Ghildiyal, Maxwell Wilson and Samuel Pearce

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