Service Day

Amnesty International

Through detailed research and determined campaigning, Amnesty International helps fight abuses of human rights worldwide. They bring torturers to justice. Change oppressive laws. And free people jailed just for voicing their opinion. As part of an Amnesty group, you will learn about human rights and be actively involved in international campaigns. Take action today and be part of a global movement standing together for human rights across the world.

Capacity – 15


Arts in Action

Making art that gives back to the community- Art in various forms, not just graffiti art or hip-hop dancing, but spoken word/ beat-boxing/poetry and anything else that celebrates the arts.

Capacity – 15



Student-led Acrobatics group every Tuesday. Opportunities for events planning as well as performance to promote the work of the Bbawatoto Center acrobats.

Capacity – 15


Ecovengers/Roots and Shoots

Recycling is just another word for Magic because when you recycle you change a useless thing to something useful which is no less than magic. IST needs more magic because there is so much to recycle that’s why we have this service group called – Katrinagers, encouraging more people to recycle and promote helping the local community.

If you believe in the concept of “change” then this activity is for you. Come join us and make a difference by recycling things at IST. You can use this activity to spread awareness and to challenge yourself

Capacity – 15


Knitted Knockers

Participants will learn to knit and crochet with the goal of creating “knitted knockers” (breast prosthesis) for women who have had to undergo a mastectomy due to breast cancer. Indirect service through the creation of “knitted knockers” in cooperation with the international organization of the same name. Regular silicone implants for women are not ideal for tropical climates and are very expensive. Knitted knockers are lighter and much more affordable. This group will take part in advocacy for raising breast cancer awareness, learn from a local physician about the mastectomy procedure, and partner with the local hospital where women undergo the treatment to provide knitted knockers to the women of the Dar community in need.

Capacity – 15


Paws for Thought

DP- student-initiated animal protection action group. Project-based service learning. We work to raise money for the local animal shelter and general awareness to the community about the importance of helping the animals on the streets. Currently involved with projects in partnership with Every Living Thing (ELT). A team of students who are passionate about the welfare of animals is needed in order for us to make an impact.

Capacity  – 10


Teen Girls Organization (T-GO)

Project-based service learning. We work towards organizing impactful events for students across the Dar es Salaam region, including health days, life skills workshops, career fairs, and computer literacy workshops. This year we are also taking on a few projects such as a university scholarship programme, a partnership with the PSI organization and computer donations to a local school. We need a dedicated team to bring all these ideas to life.

Capacity – 20


Symphonies for Change

A music troupe that seeks to make a change through music. We plan to write and perform songs that raise awareness on various social and medical issues we face today and perform at community functions. After we have developed and honed our own musical and performance skills, we intend on playing music in term two that entertains the IST community and raises awareness about the arts.

Capacity – 7