Note: Make sure you’ve identified your 1st, 2nd and 3rd choice since each session will have a maximum of 25 attendees. First come, first served.

Workshop guidelines can be found at this link.

Time: 16:20 – 16:55

School Name Session Title Description Room
Lusaka International School Help a Friend in Need – Sustaining Support to Children with Cerebral Palsy Children with cerebral palsy are often entirely dependant on carers. The burden on househodls can be daunting. Support to mothers so they are productive without failing in their role as care giver, is one sure way of mitigating the socio-econmic challenges. Prudent resource utilisation, an outcome of mutual consultationwith stakeholders, must be designed to give capacity to households and institutions. Here is a case of how support to children with CP has been elongated and expanded with resources recieved as an award from AISA. M1
American School of Yaounde Quicksand Quicksand showcases the incorporation of two service projects that have the basic goal of tackling unemployment and poverty within a community. It’s about creating opportunities for individuals through finance and entrepreneurship. We will discuss fundraising techniques which we use in our micro finance organization, and create a stimulation to better portray to the audience our objectives and methods. M2
American School of Antananarivo Lemurs in Kenya Learn about how the students of Madagascar are teaching their custodians English, showing students how to defend themselves, and focusing on being an energy efficient school. M3
Nasaru Ntoiye Save the girls School Untitled  No Information M4
Morgan International School MANSO CLINIC EXTENSION students are helping with the improvement of community health facility P3

Time: 17:05 – 17:40

School Name Session Title Description Room
Brookhouse Trash Talk The Psychology of trash. Do we have people who are Psychologically wired to trash. How can we use the same mentality to reduce littering. M1
International Community School of Addis Ababa Addressing inequities in education No Information M2
American School of Yaounde Blossoms and Brickles Our workshop is a combination of ASOY Launch and  the Recycled Art CAS group. We will discuss  the idea of promoting entrepreneurship and environmental sustainability.  These include Green energy and recycling with a touch of art. M3
Nasaru Ntoiye Save the girls School Untitled M4
International School of Tanganyika TGO – Providing Opportunities Focusing on finding a lack of opportunity within a community, how should students pin point what a community needs and how to provide it? Stemming from AISA Award Winning Service Program: Teen Girl’s Organisation P3

Time: 15:30 – 16:05

School Name Session Title Description Room
International School of Tanganyika The Power of Public Art Considering a combination of art and human rights issues – how can awareness within a community be raised? Students will work together to create a piece. M1
Haven of Peace Academy Impact of Education on undermined & vulnerable girls We will talk about how providing underprivileged girls with education has an impact on their future and lessens their vulnerability to situations where they can be preyed on and victimised. M2
American School of Yaounde Looking Forward Looking forward, is a state where one finds themselves enthusiastic, appreciative,and hopeful, about something in the future. We look forward to a lot of things in life, such as; achieving our goals, loving someone or being loved by someone, receiving a better education, being healthy, but in our case and for the sake of this project, we are looking forward to empower the youth of today. Looking forward is a goal and dream we seek to accomplish, is to Empower the youth of Yaounde, Cameroun.  This presentation will be talking about steps we are taking to achieve this so very great goal by combining to service projects: Women Empowerment, Sports and Games. M3
Nasaru Ntoiye Save the girls School Untitled M4
American International school of Bucharest The secret Life of Cups Our goal is to educate you about the detrimental effects that paper cups have on the environment. Paper cups are a part of our everyday lives, they are used in planes, school, and at the workplace. Most people are not aware of what happens to these cups after you are done with them, we will highlight the importance of the issue within our local community and in the world as a whole. P3

Time: 16:30 – 17:05

School Name Session Title Description Room
American International School of Johanessburg Lead for the back! “Lead from the back – and let others believe they are in front” Nelson Mandela.
Are you interested in how you can be a better leader and have effective results with your team? Join our AISJ workshop on servant leadership and menteeship. Find out how
to use knowledge, skills and tools to lead effectively in any service project for sustainability.
International School of Tanganyika Challenging Stereotypes Students will take part in activities that will creat cognitive dissonance concerning the ideas of disabilities within society. How can we work together to remove any stigmas, and organise direct service opportunities with people with disabilities? M2
International School Moshi Sanitation and Hygiene No Information M3
American International School of Mozambique Untitled This workshop answers the question ‘’why bother save Indigenous/traditional knowledge’’. I will tell you why indigenous/traditional knowledge is important and expose a project that tackles the issue of Loss of indigenous/traditional knowledge in its musical face. M4