Day 1 – Friday 7 May

Time Allocation
Topic Description    
1:30 - 1:40Welcome to GISS 2021Student Performances

Welcome from Peter Bateman and our AISJ Service Learning Council President - Martina Gutierrez Lundstedt
2:00 - 2:30Keynote addressChris Mureithi -- Human Capacity Development
2:30 - 3:00Connect sessionES ConnectionMS ConnectionHS ConnectionAdult Connection
3:00 - 3:45Workshop 1 Options ThemeService Learning in ActionGender Equality
Service Learning in Action
Elementary School
Peace & Justice
Human Rights
Environment & Climate Action
Guest SpeakerCathryn Berger KayeAnzio JacobsColleen Fletcher / Jasmine HowellItumeleng LebeseRita Groenewald
Workshop TitleWhy “Investigation” leads to
Effective ACTION
Troubling Intersections of LGBTQIA+ ExperiencesLet's Connect and Make an ImpactHome Rights: Trouble in DiepslootA Holistic Approach to Sustainability
Student presenterTGO Women's Health Clinic :
Saniya Mehta
Ayra Thawer
Human Rights :
Child Soldiers
Shire Sexton
AISJ Sustainability :
Ana-Margot Brantley
Aksharaa Gupta
Brookhouse LGBTQ+ :
Natasha Meher
Floreen Ikome
Genocide :
Abigail Kalayu
Environment and Climate Action in Kenya :
Ken Mutiso
Jimmy Miseda
Say No ToGender Based Violence :
Shanzeh Haider
AudienceMS & HSMS & HSESMS & HSMS & HS
3:45 - 4:00Break
Hangouts/virtual coffee and snack rooms
4:00 - 4:30Keynote addressNazley Sharif - South African Shadow Deputy Minister of Women, Youth and Disabilities
4:35 - 5:30Workshop 2 OptionsThemeService Learning in
Gender Equility
Service Learning in
Elementary School
Peace & Justice
Human Rights
Environment &
Climate Action
Guest SpeakerMegan BooneNazley SharifShei AscencioChris DadefumiSean Russell (EarthEcho International)
Workshop TitleDeveloping Critical Service Learning
in the Community
Building For a More Inclusive WorldA Conversation About the Action You TakeThe Dangers of a Single Story and Taking Action Ocean Conservation
Student PresenterGender Violence in Covid :
Kimberlie Munda
Ahmed Said
Hope For Sight Initiative! :
Lakshmi Gopinathan
Gender Inequality : Brookhouse -
Mawusi Dotse
Olivia Gitonga
Ocean Conservation Panel : Sean Russell
Apurva Iyengar
Michelle Muchilwa
Jeremy Muchilwa
Merrisa Naidoo
Why White Feminism : Chiwoneso MupitaAkhil Konduri: Sustainability-Water
Arun Kondori: Sustainability-Air
AudienceAdultsMS & HSAll age groupsMS & HSMS & HS
Session closure to happen in the workshop- last 10-15 mins.- student moderator led

Day 2 – Saturday 8 May

Time Allocation
12:30 - 1:00WelcomeWelcome from AISJ Student LeadersWelcome from AISJ Student Leaders
Self-selected topic roomLexi Meier -- Mindfulness and Stress release (12:40 - 1:00)

Kim Cofino -- Women Who Lead (12:40 - 1:00)
1:00 - 1:30Keynote addressAnzio Jacobs -- LGBTQ+ and intersection of diversity
1:30 - 2:15Workshop 3 OptionsThemeService Learning:
Best Practice
– The What, Why and How
Service Learning/
Service Learning in
Elementary School
Gender Equility
Peace & Justice
Guest SpeakerAlice WhiteheadCathryn Berger KayeTiwana MerrittJustin Garcia Anzio Jacobs
Workshop TitleBest Practice Service – The What, Why & HowDeepen Reflection with Documentar Service Learning in
Elementary School
Windows, Mirrors, Sliding Glass Doors : LGBTQIA+ Inclusion Through StoriesTroubling Intersections of LGBTQIA+ experiences
Student PresentersAfrika Moja :
Kabir Singh
Q & A Sesssion to followCommunicate to Liberate (LIS) :
Bruna Melo
Divya Priyadarshini
Maya Rajaram
Implementing LGBTQ+ topics at school :
Ellen Svinhufvnd
LIS Students :
Kety Augusto
Deoclesio Correia
Ruth Haggai
Primary School Book Fundraiser : Francine Gasasira Rapid Response Team :(AISL)AISJ Uhuru : Mbiri Wazara
Lindsay Land
AISJ ES Gender Inequality Group : Kholu Molapo
Katia Dormer
Imane Hamidou
HS & AdultsAdultsAll age groupsAdults, MS & HSMS & HS
2:15 - 3:00Affinity GroupsThemePeace & Justice: Diversity/Equity/Inclusion
Gender Equility
Elementary School Gender Equility
Health & Wellbeing
Service Learning:
Best Practice
Guest SpeakerAnzio JacobsLexi MeierAlice Whitehead
Workshop TitleUhuru
Student PresentersUhuru :
Mbiri Wazara
Lindsay Land
Dylan Warnecke
Ellen Svinhufvnd
MS & HSMS & HSES & MSMS & HSHS & Adults
3:00 - 3:30BreakHangouts/Stress release (optional 10 mins) / virtual coffee and snack rooms
3:30 - 4:00Keynote addressTeliso Thipanyane - CEO South African Human Rights
4:00 - 4:45Workshop 4 OptionsThemeService Learning in
Gender Equility
Health & Wellbeing
Environment &
Climate Action
Peace & Justice
Student Service Learning
Guest SpeakersCathryn Berger KayeAnzio JacobsTalissa SullivanSelamawit ZewdieBusisiwe Nkosi
Workshop TitleService Learning best Practice: Reflection. LGBTQ+ CommunityHealth and Wellness a Journey to Self-Actualization and Transcendence Sustainable Entrepreneurship: A Possible Pathway Towards Holistic Prosperity for All Building a non-racial world
Student PresentersLGBTQ+ :
Naledi Mofokeng
Witkoppen Clinic Cookbook :
Flora Thompson
Trinity Sala
Sustainability in the face of the pandemic :
Nahom Seyoum
Tongogara Refugee Camp :
Prince Bashangezi
Change in LGBTQ+ Community : Dylan WarneckeYouth Impact Change :
Mahek Uttamchandani
AdultsMS & HSMS & HSMS & HSAll
4:45 - 5:00Closing Final Reflections and Farewells