The 2021 AISA Global Issues Service Summit (AISA-GISS) which took place on the 7th and 8th of May 2021 featured a plethora of presentations, sessions, keynotes, and workshops. The virtual summit brought many great minds together to discuss current global issues. Here are some of the highlights from the summit:

07 MAY 2021

Cathryn Berger Kaye shared about the Service Learning Cycle, highlighting on the importance of the Investigation stage and three techniques involved. The first of these techniques called Taking Personal Inventory, involves discussing skills, interests, and talents within your group to collect information at higher efficiency, enjoyment, and expertise. Asset and deficit models were also discussed, with the statement that asset models are better than deficit models at sparking positive change. While deficit models look at what’s wrong, asset models don’t diminish the importance of service partners and increase connectivity between them. These models ensure better relationships and more inspired service projects. Finally, Cathryn introduced her MISO research method which allows for greater research depth. The method focuses on research in four sectors: Media, Interviews, Surveys, and Observations. To learn more from Cathryn, visit her website:

Anzio Jacobs gave an insightful presentation on unconscious biases that result in prejudice. His points on the troubling intersections of LGBTQIA+ experiences were fascinating to hear, especially his arguments on the social exclusion and harassment faced by members of the LGBTQIA+ community. To learn more about Anzio’s community work with LGBTQIA+ visit

08 MAY 2021

Busisiwe Nkosi was the keynote speaker of the workshop that discussed building a non-racial world. Her focused points looked at privilege, examining our own biases, calling out acts of racism and empowerment of the individual as well as society, race and sexual identity.
It was also super interesting to listen to Prince Bashangezi from UWC Waterford who presented his project in Zimbabwe that gives back to the community and helps kids that do not have the same privileges as we do. The intriguing workshop was both inspiring and aspirational and gave great insight on how to be a proper advocate.

During the session on Health and Wellness, Dr Talisa Sullvian spoke on the journey to the integration of body, mind, and spirit. She pointed out that wellness is not only about our physical body but also about our mind. Additionally, she stated that we cannot live without our friends as we need them. Through living a healthy life we have a strong heart, have less stress, and have a better quality of life. She also said we need to know our limits, listen to ourselves and trust ourselves. To learn more about Dr Sullivan and her work visit:

Our 2021 AISA-GISS was a memorable and powerful experience. We are convinced that ‘Change Starts with Us’!

  • The AISA-GISS Journalism Team