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  1. auto insurance Elgin IL says:

    I LOVE that play! Actually, I end up loving any play that I or people close to me have been in. (Well, except Oklahoma! but I digress.) You are a very cool mom, and your kids are lucky to have this experience so young. Go you!

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    Ulisses, te agradeço imensamente por acompanhar o meu trabalho.Não sou um profissional de Design, portanto, não saberei dizer-te qual melhor opção a ser utilizada, mas, já utilizei o Corel X4 no passado, ele me pareceu bastante estável, hoje, estou utilizando a versão de avaliação do X5, que considero um pouco instável. Sendo assim, recomendo-te que se for comprar, teste ambas versões e defina qual atende melhor suas necessidades.Obrigado mais uma vez e um grande abraço!

  3. affordable car insurance Saginaw MI says:

    My family does white elephant gifts too. I came across a great find in a thrift shop last week – a two-foot tall, candy-cane striped BABOON wearing a Santa hat and a pair of crossed candy canes on his red and white striped tummy. I wish I could post a picture! “Babs” is so wonderfully funny that I almost want to keep him!

  4. car insurance quotes Midlothian VA says:

    Blogging is a new experience for me. I think that these resources that you posted will be very helpful as we get this up and running! I think the blog itself will also be helpful–I know for me the challenge will be getting in the habit of looking at it on a regular basis! Once I get used to it, it will be ok.

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    on A allocation of the things you assert is surprisingly legitimate and that makes me wonder the reason why I hadn’t looked by this in this happy more willingly than. This piece in truth did switch the effortless proceeding on behalf of me as far as this distinct back issue goes. Excluding on this time at hand is really 1 sit I am not excessively comfortable with and although I challenge to reconcile that with the focal idea of your sit, consent me observe immediately what all the rest of your visitors have to say.Well done.

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    Yes, such is my pessimism at times about climate change and the state of humanity etc. that sometimes I have the attitude…let’s just get it over with.Then I read or hear or see something inspiring or beautiful and it brings out the fight in me.

  7. cheap full coverage car insurance Peabody MA says:

    Ciao Petula. Il tuo blog mi piace da impazzire, anche se solo da pochi giorni lo frequento.E ora,dopo aver letto tutti i post sulle alghe chiedo:ma tu usi la kombu per ammollare? E perche’?Io sono solita metterla nelle minestre direttamente, per renderle piu’ digeribili (idea presa da ‘Giappone in cucina’ che ho visto piace anche a te:-P.

  8. car insurance Asheville NC says:

    ME HA DEJADO SIN PALABRAS! ojalá ese momento de 3D que he estado viendo la capilla sixtina, se haga realidad, porque es preciosa, el techo parece de verdad, está magnífico pintado, una gran obra de Miguel Ángel

  9. says:

    Ned,I need to give a lot of thought to joining the White Rock Navy! I see my son is cheering you on too—maybe he could join and bet he would get a lot further than I would! He is in excellent shape and works out several times a week!Jean

  10. non owners auto insurance quotes Vallejo CA says:

    satak 16 Ocak 2009 ıntel PD(dual core) 2.80 ghz işlemcili atı radeon x550 ekran kartına sahip 512 MB RAM özellikleri içeren bilgisayarım var.Windows 7 beta kasarmı acaba ve bu sistemin kasmaması için 32 bitmi yüklemem lazım yoksa 64 bitmi?64 bit yüklersem ne olur?cevaplarınız için teşekkürlerimi sunarım.Saygılar.

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    Don Dicharry / November 30, 2008This may be a bit off base from the Mac mid-tower issue, but for a long time now I’ve heard that Macs are much less vulnerable to viruses, worms, spyware, adware, malware, hacking, etc. One explaination is that Apple has only a small share of the PC market. How factual are these statements? Are Macs “safer” than Windows based machines or do they depend on an array of protective software just to operate in a “trash” free environment?Reply

  12. cheap full coverage car insurance Cedar Hill TX says:

    Your mention of tipping point brings to mind other, negative tipping points. We must join together and have enough people who understand the issue of climate change and make a commitment to the right choices that will help to reverse the damages being done. The alternative tipping point is when enough of the planet’s ecosystem has been ruined that there is no going back.

  13. cheap full coverage auto insurance Spotsylvania VA says:

    Well done. I would of left out the “marathon fib” though, or place it in the middle. )Ryan’s’ problem for me is his lack of respect for social services.Like his Janesville powerbrokers (a fantastic town) – he believes social services should be grief-stricken so towns can be extorted by companies, to either remain, or build new facilities and? pay no property taxes. Like war mongers, these folks don’t care about measuring proportional dough-to-creature benefits to the populous.They point out not to see.

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    Diky za odpovedi. viz muj prispevek jinde1. ok2. ok, o stavu chodniku chystam fotoreportaz. s kocarkem nelze prochazet, ale to je jina vec.3. kdo to zaplati? co kdyz nemam tuto moznost?4. a 5. takze to je v reseni, ale obtezovani mestskou policii jste uz zacali. zvlastni postup. tak nejak bez koncepce a vize… misto diskuze, rovnou letacky a nemoznost neco vubec nekomu vysvetlit.

  15. full coverage car insurance El Monte CA says:

    We shouldn’t be surprise to see Garden Grove people voted for Andrew Do without checking his background since they have voted for Dina without questioning her morality. Vietnamese are always eager to vote for a Viet representative that they often forget to vote for the person with the right qualification instead of the right nationality.

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    Pero porque no dejan de hablar tantas tonteras manga de tarados,la mujer mas linda es jessica,la otra es una tarada con forma de nada,rubia chota y ustedes son unos calentones de mierda con estomago de cabra,porque no pueden decir que alba no es hermosa y mas linda que la rubia falopera esa. CHAU ENFERMOS!!!!!!!!!!

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    Hallo,ja das ist die Auflösung für das iPhone 3gs. Wenn man eine App entwickelt muss man immer auch einplanen, dass sie auf einem älteren Gerät gestartet wird. Auf einem iphone 4(s) kann man die App auch mit schlechterer Auflösung benutzen, andersrum geht das nicht. Wenn man also eine App mit vielen Bildern (ein Spiel oder ähnliches) entwickelt, muss man tatsächlich die Bilder für beide Auflösungen zur Verfügung stellen.GrüßeFelix

  18. says:

    I really love the covers of the shadow falls series. Also, I love all of the books especially taken at dusk. I think your are an amazing author and I look up to you because when I finish my 4 year degree I will become a Journalist. I know it’s two days after your post but I would love to receive an advanced copy of Whispers at Moonrise.

  19. look auto insurance Hudsonville MI says:

    Wouldn't those "draconian laws" about ammunition directly interfere with the criminals' access to ammo? – mikebYou mean like all those "draconian laws" about drugs "directly interfere with criminal access" to drugs?Mikeb, the criminal demand for ammo is a tiny fraction of that of the lawful demand. Circumventing these laws to supply the criminal demand is trivial. And the criminals don't have any qualms about circumventing those laws (as you well know.)Are you really this dense, or have you taken on the devil's advocate role? Or is it some combination of the two?

  20. free auto insurance quotes Boone NC says:

    I have heard of this scehem in uk too, I went to enquire about it but its very expensive, It looks good on paper but not many people are going for it because of the expenses. But if the govt helps then surly more and more will take it up, Well I would for sure Not sure about india as govt is never willing to do anything that is good ever, till they get their pockets filled up first

  21. car insurance with no license in Wilson NC says:

    Saya adalah “yg pertama”… tetapi diuji Allah apabila “yg kedua” muncul…Walaupun masih yg pertama, cinta saya mula pudar. Mungkin ujian Allah ini utk menyedarkan saya utk meletakkan cinta saya kpd Allah dan Rasulullah saw.Itulah cinta yg sebenar yg akan membahagiakan dunia akhirat…

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    :-( I did use the beta version of these and it was alot better only problem I had was when the computer went into sleep mode the wireless connection would be lost and I would have to reboot the computer but hopefully this has been fixed just the waiting game now to get this update on our ARM machines.

  23. cheap sr22 insurance Nashville TN says:

    Maycon disse:Olá Vinícius,,,sou academico de enfermagem da FAFIPA,,,Paraná,,,queria parabenizá-lo pelas informações prestadas,,com muita clareza,,,como pude perceber vc já participou do projeto,qual tua formação???como foi a experiencia de participar de tal projeto???tenhu a intenção de participar,o problema é o pouco incentivo que temos aqui em nossa região!! mas quen sabe um dia!!!t+

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    >Oooooh le noir te vas super bien ! Le contraste avec tes supers cheveux de feu c'est juste super sympa ! D'ailleur j'ai vu ta réponse sur formspring au gars qui aimait pas ta couleur de cheveux, j'ai ri à plein poumons t'imagine pas… j'en avais mal au bide ! Merci ! Bisous

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    Interesting post about When European skin became white, in these days skin cancer is more common and people have to try to be careful with their health, for example I unfortunately spend much money in buying only because I need it and well Im close to be a senior citizen.

  26. car insurance rates Saint Paul MN says:

    Those who have been forced to live under communism recognize another totalitarianism when it comes knocking unlike those fool libs privileged to live in the free West who feel it their duty to drag anything non-white, non-Christian through the gates in penance for ancient sins, sins historically committed in their worst form by the very people (Muslims) they're now calling victims. What a bizarre view, that the white share of what was near universal slavery should be made up to the biggest slave culture of the world past and present – Muslims!

  27. cheap full coverage auto insurance Massapequa NY says:

    “dis, dat, dese, and dose” (thanks, SNL!). I think that if more tv shows and movies were set somewhere other that NY or LA, that would help with the stereotypes for regions all over the US.Maybe the reason that you have trouble categorizing Midwesterners is because you are from this area–you know too much about the intricacies and details and differences to be able to come up with a stereotype! They probably ring false to you.(And my parents, both born and bred in Chicago, were all about the wheat germ and homemade yogurt in the ’80s!)

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    December 11, 2012I just like the priceless info you provide with your articles or blog posts.I will bookmark your blog site and examine all over again here repeatedly.I am relatively confident I will discover considerably of latest stuff right the following! Great luck for your following!

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    "SEE THE MAJOR MOTION PICTURE""READ THE BESTSELLING MEMOIR BY JULIA CHILD"Being told what to do by corporations always gets my back up. At first glance I thought you'd posted something from the pages Vanity Fair or People. This is nothing but an advert applied to the cover of a book.

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    scrive:The Absent Game…In between me and my husband we have owned extra MP3 players over time than I can count, together with Sansas, iRivers, iPods (basic & touch), the Ibiza Rhapsody, etc. But, the last few decades I’ve settled down to one line of gamers….

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    Har kigget Penny 5-uger-gammel i øjnene i 10 minutter nu. NEJ, hvor er hun bare den sødeste, lille hundebaby! Jeg får sådan lyst til at blive hunde-mor, haha. Åh. Hvalpe er det sødeste i hele verden, og Penny er helt sikkert på toppen over søde hvalpe!

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    " Hispanic Society of America."The hispanic society is a museum – one of the most under visited and under-rated in New York City, with a fantastic collection of Spanish Art that rivals, if not surpasses the Metropolitan's Spanish galleries. The founder of the Museum was a Huntington, if I recall correctly. It does however, receive funding from Spain on occasion.

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    Selam Nilgüncüğümeline sağlık canım bu kartoplarına bende bayılırım burada arap kahvesi yanında ikram edilir çok sıkca yaparız aslında ama ben bloğumu ilk açtığım zaman (ilk bloğum blogcu) eklemiştim resimsizdi sonra resimli haliyle güncellemeyi nedense atlamışım sayende hatırladım ilk fırsatta gübcelleyip resim eklemeliyim afiyet olsun canımsevgiler

  34. low income car insurance Clementon NJ says:

    I'm confused. If there are some "really great improvements," why don't you tell us what they are? This is, after all, the Google Chrome Releases blog, not a Google Chrome Security blog. There is always great detail given for security fixes, but never for other improvements. What gives?

  35. us agency car insurance Glendale AZ says:

    We were very lucky during your trip that the Orcas decided to come so close to our vessel. Our Captains always try to stay at least 100 yards away but when dealing with wild marine mammals you never know what may happen. In this case the Orcas drastically changed direction whilst they were under the water and came for a close look:)

  36. free auto insurance quotes Palm Springs CA says:

    kalo saya karena taeejbrk hahahaaaa..kenapa demikian? soalnya saya ndak suka ngarang dari dulu jamannya masih SD,tapi kepikiran kenapa ndak dicoba saja kan ndak ada salahnya mencoba suatu hal yang ndak disuka sekalipun.makanya sampai sekarang saja masih susah menuangkan ide berseliweran di kepala, ah! namanya juga belajar toh

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    It is rare for me to find something on the web that is as entertaining and intriguing as what you have got here. Your page is sweet, your graphics are outstanding, and what’s more, you use reference that are relevant to what you’re saying. You’re certainly one in a million, good job!

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    I saw recently that Coffee Mate came out with a new line – Natural Bliss. Ingredients in the Vanilla flavor are nonfat milk, cream sugar, and natural flavors. At least the dairy isn’t dried! Much better than their regular stuff, I’d imagine. I’ll have to check the label on the super-sized jug in the break room at work. Can’t believe I used to use that stuff!

  39. auto insurance quotes Oak Creek WI says:

    MunitionsmanDecember 13, 2012 at 9:03 amGilbertoSilver 8 hrs, 1 min agoI’d take this story with a pinch of salt if I were you.Yeah I hear you and AB is basically canning it as you know but we have been choosing to ignore anything negative and diss missing it for years. If everything was a rising as GB and AB purport we would almost certainly have won something or at the very least shown more consistency. The results are the same since Bould replaced pat, ergo wenger is the common factor behind our repeated failure.

  40. cheap auto insurance Frisco TX says:

    I get daily emails from Punchbowl notifying me of which food friendly holiday it is, I thought of you right away when I saw it was National Peanut Butter Day! My favorite way of eating granola is the pictures you have, plain greek yogurt with berries and granola. Simplicity at its best! I think the best granola I’ve had was TJ’s Granola & Berries.

  41. cheapest car insurance in Tucker GA says:

    1b3Drake,It’s okay to disagree with Canadian and Jnorm, but please refrain from making derisive comments. Personal attacks, even indirect, are not welcome on this blog.Folks, remember the purpose of this blog is for people to interact with each other with charity and mutual respect. It’s important that this be a safe place for theological inquiry. Robert

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    After studying a couple of of the weblog posts in your web site now, and I actually like your method of blogging. I bookmarked it to my bookmark web site record and shall be checking back soon. Pls check out my website as nicely and let me know what you think.

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    Hey Tom, glad to have you back!Barbecoa hasn’t opened when I was at One New Change. Read Evening Standard Fay Maschler’s review on Barbecoa the other day and she seems to suggest that the view is all the restaurant has got. Can’t say that I am in a hurry to try it though but I wonder how does Barbecoa’s the pig’s cheeks compare to St John’s.

  45. cheap full coverage auto insurance VT says:

    To clarify, all 29 responses were good/valuable. The six or so that I felt stood out and grouped up re: the overall matching with what these CEOs’ had to say were by both Peters, Lindsay, Brian, Kristin, Chris, Patrick, Fatih, Felipe and Danny. As I re-read the list, the names kept shifting. Hence, my post and offer to sing for you.

  46. auto owners insurance Winter Garden FL says:

    You’re really into this! I’m not sure whether to suggest you might need help or encourage you further. Actually I am sure, so please go explore the dankest nethermosts of your imagination and let us all know what you find.I like i/o error a lot, I thought it was clever, funny and sad.

  47. best car insurance in MO says:

    I had my Porsche 993 stolen and the KBB value is very different than what that car was actually worth. I think asking insurance about what the payout on a claim, would be another good question. It seems like s2000′s and NSX’s both will fall under being more valuable than KBB shows. The other hard lesson I learned was that they didn’t cover any aftermarket parts. My previous insurance covered anything bolted to the car when my very car was stolen and stripped.

  48. car insurance Elizabeth NJ says:

    Keep up the good work, Noor. Your website, I am reliably informed, was designed by Mossad. You are obviously highly skilled in the arts of duplicity and deception — for which, of course, fulsome praise from a Kol Nidre enthusiast. BTW, is that a pic of you? If so, congratulations! You look just like a sexy Palestinian suicide bomber! Instead of the yenta you really are…

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  50. cheap sr22 insurance Medford OR says:

    Fala aí Doc.! Aqui é Coringão, o super invicto!Doc. porque a imprensa tá criticando e pegando muito no pé do Goleirão Cassio?Esses corneteiros tão querendo derrubar o cara?Con tantos goleiros falhando direto , os jornalistas antis vem falar logo do nosso goleirão.Abraços Doctor, que venha o Santos agora, espero que não diga dessa vez que o Neymar estará cansado e nem apague os refletores.Vai Corinthians

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    Wow, incredible blog layout! How long have you been blogging for? you made blogging look easy. The overall look of your site is magnificent, as well as the content!. Thanks For Your article about CAMPANHA DE PREVENÇÃO – INFECÇÃO AQUI NÃO! | Vittalisa .

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    Une grosse merde mal produite, mal composée et mal jouée (mention au manchot Lars Ulrich et sa caisse claire en étain du 18ème siècle), stérile et pathétique tentative de faire l’illusion qu’on est de retour aux temps révolus de la justice pour tous…! J’ai acheté ce disque et je n’ai pas pu supporter longtemps de le v…

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    mfc:também tenho dúvidas acerca do interesse filosófico do futuro livro, mas essa é uma matéria onde não se deve fazer juízos a priori. Aguardemos pelo dito cujo. E se calhar é isso que o Botton quer: criar expectativas, fazer publicidade.bell:Não vi o filme. A personagem também é um filósofo a tentar escrever um livro?

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    Bueno…menos samba y más realidad…Después de 1 mes sin correr ayer día 29 volví a salir (10 km) y estoy ultra-mega-archi-fuerte.Te espero en la Maratón de San Sebastian, después de que te tires una temporada en Argentina (poniéndote hasta las trancas de tira de asado) y en USA, hartándote de hamburguesas (al menos la tira de asado es carne)….nos vemos en Donosti!!!!!

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    Uitinã disse:Em termos econômicos, França e Alemanha são os únicos países do Euro numa posição melhor do que o resto, os bancos franceses estão indo pra lama de tanto emprestarem dinheiro pra países falidos do Bloco, será esse o Fim do Euro e o Retorno dos Francos, Marcos, Escudos, Pesetas.

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    Que sorte. Comprei, me cobraram e não recebi o produto De acordo com a Microsoft eles vão investigar meu caso e se até sexta-feira não chegar o link para download, vão me devolver o dinheiro.Usando Firefox 16.0 em Windows 7 x64 Edition

  57. low income car insurance dmv Sioux Falls SD says:

    grazie a dio specchio ha chiuso… e un tempo era addirittura settimanale: incluso nel giornale del sabato (con prezzo aumentato ovvio, e non era possibile evitare di comprarlo prendendo solo il giornale).quanto all'argomento del topic: "beate le giovani menti" e "invecchia solo chi smette di giocare"… e non importa se si parla di 30, 40, 50 o 100 anni… (e, no, non confonderlo con un'elogio all'infantilismo eh…).

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    136hola, buena tarde, deseo un apoyo economico, para la creacion de una fuente de empleo para mi pequeña ciuad de tantoyuca, deseo poner un anueva linea de microbuses locales. espero su contestacion en mi correo ,para mejor explicacion , saludos Dios los guarde…

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    Woah! I’m really enjoying the template/theme of this blog. It’s simple, yet effective. A lot of times it’s tough to get that “perfect balance” between user friendliness and visual appearance. I must say you’ve done a very good job with this. In addition, the blog loads very quick for me on Safari. Outstanding Blog!

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    Exactement. Enfin un peu d’air… Depuis 20 ans, il ne faut plus rien dire, ne plus rien faire sans deja la peur du proces et du « politiquement » correct.(Heureusement on peut encore raconter des blagues sur les belges et les blondes )Cependant la loi est la loi. Par contre la quand il s’agit de violence, c’est intolerable et je suis fier que CH reagisse comme ca.

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    I am assuming that the difference in the tool's preview and of the SERPs preview is that the SERPs is an older version of the page taken from the Google's cache and the Webmaster Tools version of the page is a fresh version of the page. Which if you have made changes that are not indexed/cached by Google's GoogleBot yet would make sense as to why the two different.

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    Det är säkerligen inget fel pÃ¥ smaken!!!Och vad gör det om den är lite rinnig den ändÃ¥ bara ner i magen =)Jag kan bara hÃ¥lla med dig….tar oxÃ¥ bara en dag i taget just nu.Men är mera inne pÃ¥ att jag faktiskt vill göra nÃ¥got annat =SHa en skön mÃ¥ndag kväll.Kram Thess

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    Drake,“A subject participates in the real presence by his faith and understanding. ”You refuse to give account of the reason, then, that judgement for partaking unworthily results from the ACT of eating and drinking. It is not only faith that makes the sacrament what it is and you are not transported to heaven to partake really and trully, as Calvin taught.

  64. auto insurance Meadville PA says:

    Shelly, You wont believe this, i live in Houston once, went to the river in San Antonio. the greatest thing on earth for a day, right now they have it drained and cleaning it. . and yes its right along the business area, Thanks about where McGuire lives . And how many Else want. it? but dont live by the greenway.

  65. low income car insurance Queen Creek AZ says:

    Timely post. I have a few new blogs on the horizon that will need hosting, and I’ve been digging around for recommendations. I was always leaning in the HG direction, but I think your rundown may have given me the little extra shove I needed to move on to bigger and better things.

  66. low income car insurance Nashville TN says:

    · I love sandstone! Where I grew up we had a lot of red sandstone; where we’ve now settled there’s a lot of it again, so it feels like coming home I also like tights and cardigans, but I can’t quite get my head round autumn when we’re experiencing the start of summer here in the UK!!

  67. auto insurance rates Ada OK says:

    Twitter: I am so excited you got these, I am waiting for mine. I bet the kids will love them as much as yours did!! Great review!Brandy´s last [type] ..[] Reply:April 10th, 2011 at 4:30 amIt was soooo much fun Brandy! I love reviews where the kid’s can enjoy it too.[]

  68. list of car insurances in Cordova TN says:

    I just bought mine 2 days ago, and can’t get it to run with out band coming off or is to tight , Spent 6 hours today on it and still can’t run the machine. the roller pushes the band up against the table so tight the machine can’t move the band.

  69. car insurance Rock Hill SC says:

    Den øverste tror jeg Men desværre synes jeg ikke helt at der nogen af dem som formår at fange essensen af din blog desværre, den med de mange outfits er også god, men der fremgår navnet bare ikke helt tydeligt desværre

  70. look auto insurance Davison MI says:

    Olga – Hi Robin,we enjoyed so much the shooting with you and your lovely wife! The day will stay in our memories for very long and awesome pictures you took will be great reminder of our wonderful time in KL!Cheers,Olga & Frank

  71. cheap auto insurance Culpeper VA says:

    Det är säkerligen inget fel pÃ¥ smaken!!!Och vad gör det om den är lite rinnig den ändÃ¥ bara ner i magen =)Jag kan bara hÃ¥lla med dig….tar oxÃ¥ bara en dag i taget just nu.Men är mera inne pÃ¥ att jag faktiskt vill göra nÃ¥got annat =SHa en skön mÃ¥ndag kväll.Kram Thess

  72. low income car insurance dmv Cleveland TN says:

    What a great story of your adventure, with dramatic photos! Is that you in the raft? We’ve been backpacking in the Indian Peaks Wilderness, no reluctance whatsoever to digitally disconnect. I’m noticing another shift–no desire to document the experience until I got back, too busy living it, I guess.

  73. car insurance quotes Alliance OH says:

    Yeah, it turns out Pendleton is not the only Canadian whiskey that’s bottled in the U.S. As for suggestions … hmmm, if you can find Four Roses, give that a shot. Failing that, what are your feelings toward Crown Royal (esp. the higher-end bottlings)?

  74. look auto insurance Wenatchee WA says:

    I think it’s interesting. I think South American ants are simply more competitive. And, I think that is because North American ants have evolved to deal primarily with abiotic stresses from a highly variable (=glacial) environment, while South American ants have had more stable environments over longer periods of time.Just my opinion, of course. These sorts of speculations are tremendously difficult to test in practice.

  75. cheap full coverage auto insurance Bridgeport WV says:

    tanksoldier, I think the blame really falls on some Washington pencil pushers who decided that the gun was so inherently dangerous, on account of it not being in the US by 68 or in civilian hands by 86, that it needed to be demilled, presumably for the children or some shit. But I agree, blasphemy of the highest order.

  76. list of auto insurances in Kent WA says:

    Do you have an aunt or a grandmother who could take the reigns? You shouldn’t be throwing yourself a shower ever. Confide in your best friend or someone you trust and they should take over. I know I would in a heartbeat for so many of my friends.

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    J’ai pris un TER aujourd’hui, de beaux sièges en velours bleu, une jolie gare au départ et à l’arrivée, quelques places assises (heure de pointe en banlieue lyonnaise), et aucun mégot sur le sol (il paraît que l’on ne fume plus dans les trains)Je n’ai pas eu l’impression d’être un chien… Et si vous sortiez de votre grotte ?

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