Umra Omar is a native of Pate Island in the Lamu archipelago. She was raised in Kenya and went on to earn degrees from two prestigious American schools. After completing graduate school and working in Washington, D.C., Umra decided cubicle life was not for her. She returned to Lamu to further explore her purpose. Umra learned about a life-saving medical aid project that had been abandoned because of security concerns. In 2015, she launched Safari Doctors. Umra was selected a CNN Hero in 2016 for her work.

But Umra’s calling to implement solutions to tackle issues and implement solutions began much earlier on, during her studies at UWC Atlantic College. Umra took part in Go MAD- Go Make a Difference. She began by raising awareness back home on health issues, fundraising through various creative events. The feeling of making a change stuck with her and eventually brought her back home.

Safari Doctors is all about making the journey for change- literally travelling by sea and road to the most remote parts of the county to improve access to healthcare among marginalized communities. What is now an internationally recognized team of local staff and international medical volunteers, was once just a determined woman and a dedicated nurse on a motorbike. Umra will discuss what it is to have a calling and a desire to make a change, she’ll share the organization’s humble beginnings, and how students like those at ISK can and should believe in their potential to implement solutions to the issues and problems they encounter.