Speaker Organization Description Location
Peter Muchiri Rockbern Coffee How can indentifying a specific need in society lead to the building a responsible company. HSMPR 1
Mumbi Ndung’u and Maina Chege Ibua Africa Introduction to Ibua Africa, that aspires to inspire by re-framing the African narrative one inspirational story/campaign at a time. Also, students will be guided on effective communications for social change. How to pitch an idea, how to conduct interviews etc. HSMPR 2
Lilian Wagala Magoso School Finding the way to change the tide is not easy, but once you identify a need it is easy. What started as just opening the door of her house, Lilian has exanded and is runing artistic programs to help their students to combat anxiety to overcome their particular experiences regarding violence. HSMPR 3
Patrick Kilonzo Tsavo Elephant Guardian How can small actions have great impact on those that are not being helped by others. Renting numerous trucks, Patrick delivers water to drought stricken wild animals in Tsavo West National Park. What started with one truck is now a global movement. Library HS Projector
Amy Rapp TNR Trust The Trap Neuter and Release Trust works with stray dogs and cats in the Nairobi area. They are trying to educate indiviuals on how best to take care of animals and reduce the population stray animals. Lately, TNR has been working to complete a mobile clinic that will be showcased in the presentation. Library ES Projector / Upper Parking Lot
Umra Omar Safari Doctors Providing healthcare to people in remote areas where they wouldn’t normally get it in Lamu, Kenya. What is the journey to achieve change? Auditorium