An essential and key part of the Global Issues Service Summit is the student leadership involvement. GISS inspires students to become leaders and through this initiative, students develop various skills to help organize the highly anticipated event. All members are not only dedicated and hardworking, but also welcoming and ready to help with anything. The committees and their descriptions can be viewed below!

Our Team

Mubanga Peeperkorn, the head of the IST GISS leadership team, is heavily involved in the preparation of the AISA GISS 2016 conference. He manages all the planning of each committee and for the entire conference.20150917_145458

Irfan Dewji and Saaj Vasaria are your go to techies for this year’s conference. They are in charge of the technical aspects of the conference as well as the website and keeping all delegations updated through various social media platforms. Visit our Facebook page AISA-GISS 2016!

The leaders of the Inspire committee, Shufaa Hame and Benjamin Hotchner work with members Nicemode Charles, Nibwene Mwakibinga, Sumana Dhanani and Shivam Ladwa to invite several inspirational keynote speakers and Changemakers for this conference such as New York Times’ bestselling author Ishmael Beah.20150917_150412 copy

The Service Learning committee organizes all Student Workshops, Sustainability teams and the program for the Service Day. Committee leaders Aditi Tripathi and Samana Khimji work with Rahim Bhanji, Adrien Loridon, Simran Patel, Harsh Rughani, Aliagsher Rajani, Sayyeda Rajani, Nazri Lee, Julieth Masirori, Shivani Kakkad and Neena Patel to plan all of these key aspects of GISS!20150917_153230

Ms. Rebecca Gillman, Ms. Courtney Park, Mr. Bahati Mgunda, Ms. Camilla Watson and Ms. Susan Henderson make up the teacher advisors for GISS at IST this year. They supervise and support the GISS leadership team and IST delegation with all preparations and their dedication towards planning the conference is invaluable.After



Our finance committee is led by Kevin Yan and Brook Yitbarek with Rishi Somaiya, Alishah Janmohamed, Mohammed Dewji and Azhar Ghartey as the members of this vital group. The finance committee is responsible for managing the expenses of the conference.After

The Karibu committee plays an essential role in the hospitality and hosting of every school travelling to Dar es Salaam for GISS. Karibu is led by Hussein Janmohamed and Inaara Janmohamed with committee members: Fatema Dhanani, Alexander Freigang and Nikita Varma. This team will take care of all GISS participants and will oversee hosting and school ambassadors.20150917_150703

Zara Franceschi and Mahima Kumar lead the events committee with members Hasita Lakhani and Zara Rourke. The committee is responsible for preparations regarding the conference schedule and entertainment to ensure that the participants will have a great time at GISS 2016!

Malaika Colaso, Sam van Zuthem and Zara Martin work as leaders of the Public Relations committee alongside the members Tumwi Mwakalinga, Jash Kara, Priyat Mair and Steffi Haldar. They constantly update all social media platforms to keep delegations informed prior to and throughout the conference with help from the tech committee. They are in charge of communications with the IST as well as the local community.PR

The Design committee led by Rohan Shah and Sakina Lalji, with Natasha Sajan and Allez Hirani as the committee members are in charge of the GISS kits and advertisements for the event.They initiated the logo preparation as well, which was designed by students Isabel Jarrin and Angelica Spence.After