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How can we lower the human wildlife conflict around national parkland?

Sub-Saharan Africa has been the location of intense conservation planning since the colonial era. Under the auspices of wilderness protection, colonial authorities established national parks largely for the purpose of hunting and tourism while forcibly evicting indigenous populations. Concerns about the ethical and economic impacts of protected areas have generated interest in community conservation initiatives that attempt to include local participation in natural resource management.  – Brian King


Current Community Outreach Programs

 Gorongosa_LogoVM (1) Mozambique:  One of our core beliefs at Gorongosa National Park is that the health and security of the Gorongosa ecosystem is directly linked to the health and security of the people living around the Park.How we achieve this goal


 african parks logo green African Parks is a non-profit organization that takes total responsibility for the rehabilitation and long-term management of nation parks in partnership with governments and local communitiesSee what we are doing

zambia  Community Involvement
 rwanda  Community Involvement Guide Initiative


peaceparks Peace parks are about co-existence between humans and nature, about promoting regional peace and stability, conserving biodiversity and stimulation job creation by developing nature conservation as land-use option.Anti Poaching ProjectsOther Peace Park programmes

 SANparks  Community Conservation

Working with communities and building long term relationships with them involves more than saying hello to each other every day over the fence of a national park!

People and Conservation works hard at building understanding and support for biodiversity conservation within communities living around our parks, and also works on improving how communities can access our national parks for cultural, spiritual and recreational purposes.

Academic Articles

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Conservation Geographies in Sub-Saharan Africa: The Politics of National Parks, Community Conservation and Peace Parks 

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