Our Team

Teacher leadership:


Student Leadership:

A big part of GISS is student leadership. One of our goals was to give as many students as possible an opportunity to use their unique talents and passions to help organize GISS, so that it becomes a shared project between staff and students. To achieve this, we have adapted our previously existing student leadership committee into four separate teams with a student leader and a supervisor each. These teams each organize one specific part of the conference, with a specific action plan and tasks that fit the team members interests. These teams are as follows:


Arts and Events: The Arts and Events committee, led by Micaela Da Silva and Nur-Aisha Golam, is in charge of all decorations at the Conference Center and our school. This team works with students from the middle and primary school to create beautiful recycled decorations for our venues, to give GISS 2015 its very own, stunningly beautiful and fresh look. They also organize entertainment and events at GISS, to show the delegates a bit of Maputo while they are here.


Hosting: The atmosphere at a conference has the power to make it or break it, and therefore we have a hosting committee that ensures that all delegates and advisors feel welcome and comfortable all throughout the conference. The tasks of the hosting committee, led by Shannon Son, involve organizing host families, sending ambassadors from our school to the airport to welcome arriving delegates, man the info desk at the conference center and many others. This team is the face of GISS, and always around to assist and answer any questions.


Tech and Press: We want to capture as many of the conference’s memorable moments as possible. The talented Press corps, led by Claire Griffiths, will be attending the conference equipped with microphones and cameras to interview and take pictures, to share everyone’s opinions as the conference happens. Our Tech team is responsible for the multimedia needs of the conference, such as the projectors and wifi. They ensure that we can use media to facilitate our program.


Service Learning: Our school’s dedicated Service Learning leaders have taken on the task of leading the Sustainability Teams, which involves two central parts. Firstly, there will be the team discussions and presentations of ideas, and secondly, the Service Day. With our Service Learning partners, the leaders are currently planning the Service Day , where they will be taking delegates to their already existing Service projects.


A special thank you goes to the students who have been part of the GISS organization committee since we got back from Ghana in 2014: Sofia Jorge, Michaela Sorensen, Jo-Dine Soares, Daniella Lawrence, Peter Nijhoff, Casper Morch, Claire Griffiths, Olivia Canadine, Ammaraah Tayob, Alex Nijhoff, Mishal Juma, and Jason Brown.