Host School


Founded in 1990,the American International School of Mozambique (AISM) is an IB World School offering a US-style college preparatory program covering ELC through grade 12. AISM is a partnership of engaged students, dedicated parents, and highly qualified staff working together to create a learning environment that inspires students to cultivate their unique talents and perspectives. Our students enjoy a stimulating and balanced educational program that is rooted in the values of excellence, ethical living, and engaged learning. At AISM, we work together with local partners to renovate buildings, paint walls, build furniture, provide equipment, while our students and partners teach and learn from each other. Our aim is to cultivate a culture of service in our students and communities; as we also strive to build meaningful and sustainable partnerships with the partners we work with.

Service Learning has been a component of our school life for a number of years. With the emergence of the schools’ guiding values – ethical living, engaged learning and excellence – the opportunities delivered by our Service Learning program became crucial experiences for a holistic development of our students. Last year, AISM has worked with ten partner organizations, among public and community schools, cultural centers, day centers for abandoned children, orphanages, etc. Download our partnership brochure here.

During 2013-2014 school year, the impact of our actions has directly benefited almost two thousand childrenand youngsters in our several projects. For example, by building two new rooms in Polana Caniço community school, they will be able to offer two more grades, allowing their students to finish the complete primary education – and adding other 300 students to their enrolment list. Our interventions this year will directly impact over 3.000 Mozambican youngsters, as well as our 300
participant students; over 50 teachers and educators from partners, our 45 teachers
and many other people. Be part of these success stories. Read some of them in our Open Doors website: