Teacher advisors should perform the registration. If you are a student, please talk to your Service Learning Coordinator, GIN Club advisor, or responsible teacher to get your registration done.

Delegations must be formed by adult educators and students at a ratio of not less than 1 adult to 10 students.

Advisors: please create a log-in to access the registration system. You will be able to edit/complete your registration several sessions.

Fees and Deadlines:

Students: $ 225 (early bird rate) or $250 (standard rate).

Teacher advisors: to register one or two adults, schools pay a “Delegation Fee” of $225. Extra teacher advisors (beyond the 2) pay normal student prices.

Fees are inclusive of all summit’s activities, meals during summit, welcome pack, accommodation in home stays (students only), carbon offset, and transportation (airport, summit’s activities, home stays, assigned guest houses).

Early bird registration until Feb. 18, 2015: $225 per student + $225 delegation fee.

Regular registration until Mar. 31, 2015: $250 per student + $250 delegation fee.

*** For the moment, please ignore the “Payment Calculator” section; we will send you an email as soon as you submit your registration. ***


Access the Registration system