Change-makers are local leaders who initiated projects to improve the local communities in their hometowns. The Change-maker Sessions are similar to the keynote speeches, but much more personal. This is because delegates choose to attend specific Change-makers sessions, according to their own interests. There are fewer delegates per speaker, so every delegate can ask questions about the projects and thus understand not only the idea, but get very practical advice on how to start and run a local project.

At GISS 2015, there will be two types of change-makers sessions. The first one will be held in rooms with one change-maker each, students and educators can choose which session they want to attend. In these sessions, the change-makers will first talk about the projects they initiated and lead, and then have open up the room for questions.

The second type are advisory panels with 3-4 speakers each and more students attending each panel. Each panel is focused on one specific area of sustainability. In these panels, specialists will share their vision for the future in 50 years, focusing on the following questions:

Environment Panel: what is the role of animals in societies of the future?
Social Panel: how can education contribute towards gender equality?
Economic Panel: how can local small-scale social enterprises build strenght in communities?