For Parents/Guardians

Where will my son/daughter stay while in Maputo? What are the safety guidelines that AISM has in place for homestay families?
All students are hosted by AISM home stay families. Your son/daughter will be coordinated with a family and will stay in that family’s home. Your son/daughter will be accommodated along with 1 to 4 other members of your school team. That means they will be staying with peers and friends; at the same time, they will be able to get to know some AISM students and families. When students are not at AISM participating in summit activities, they will be with their host families. They will have a curfew each night and will be required to check in with their teacher advisors to ensure everyone is at home, and in bed, by the required times.

What are the guidelines for behavior for all student participants in the summit?
A behavior contract will be sent to all participants prior to the summit. Major rules include no alcohol or drugs, no improper/disrespectful dress and/or behavior, and obeying the house rules of the host family.

How much money should I send with my son/daughter?
There will be a visit to a local craft market during the summit, so your child may want to bring some spending money. They may also need some pocket money for snacks at the airport. Approximately $75 (US) is adequate and will allow for some shopping at the craft market.

How do I contact my child in the case of an emergency?
Please ensure you have a contact number for the teacher advisor who will accompany your child to Mozambique. Please contact that teacher if there is an emergency. Each teacher advisor, upon arrival in Maputo, will be given a SIM card with the contact names and numbers for all host families for students on their team. Thus, your child’s teacher advisor will be able to remain in contact at all times. It is also acceptable for your son/daughter to bring their own cell phone to the summit, as long as they don’t use it during the day when activities are running. Please feel free to contact your son/daughter directly in the case of an emergency.

How can I contact AISM in case of an emergency?
Gabriel Limaverde (+258 826752934 / +258 844688945 /, our Service Learning Coordinator, and GISS organizer.

Will my child be supervised at all times and what safety measures are in place?
Your child will be supervised during the day at AISM by many teacher advisors. After hours, your child will be supervised by their host family parents. Host families have been brief on curfews and overall safety/behavior expectations.

How will I know if my child’s flight has arrived and departed safely and on time?
Please consult online flight tracking apps in terms of checking the arrival and departure of your child’s flights. Your teacher advisor may also be able to communicate this information with you.

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