Sustainability Teams

The Sustainability Teams are a vital part of GISS because they allow the students and educators from different schools to mingle and explore global issues. Each group of 15-20 people looks at one issue of global importance. All participants have an opportunity to share their experiences on the subject, especially the ones emanated from their schools’ Service Learning programs.

At past conferences, every Sustainability Team has come up with a presentation / performance to be shared with the other delegates on the last day of the summit, as a part of the closing ceremony. While these presentations were always incredibly creative and impressive, we felt as though we should try to find a “product” that had a longer lasting effect.

Therefore, the objectives for the Sustainability Teams in Maputo will be to outline Action Plans. Simple steps we could all take when back to our schools to collaborate with the surrounding communities.

Each Sustainability Team is student led and has its own Changana (local language spoken in Maputo) name related to sustainability. Delegates are assigned to Sustainability Teams according to their Service Learning Day options (they do both activities in these teams). As much as possible, we have tried to connect the SL Day option with the global issue assigned, but as you can see it did not make sense except in some cases :)

Sustainability Teams will come up with an action plan for the suggested global issue, and present it in a project fair before the closing ceremony. They will also come up with a media product for their action plan.

# Sustainability Team Meaning Global issue Assigned Service Learning Day Option
1 Twisisa Understand Global Warming Animal Protection
2 Tiva Know Loss of Biodiversity Bioblitz
3 Tumbuluxa Create Deforestation Polana Community School
4 Djuletela Search Water Deficits Warethwa Cultural Center
5 Kombisana Discuss Water Pollution iKubasa – clean it!
6 Trumbula Discover Gender Issues (part of education for all) Maria Mae Pilar Orphanage
7 Hamba Produce Fight Against Poverty All Nations Home
8 Pfuna Help Digital Divide Livro Aberto literacy Org.
9 Ku va xikan’we Be Together Education for All Deaf School
10 Rhangela Lead Global Diseases Mafalala
11 Nyika Give Illegal Drugs Arco Iris
12 Famba Let’s go Wildlife Ambassadors – Rhino and Elephant Summit TBD